Who are we?

The hotel is located in the village of Jarsy, in the heart of the Bauges mountain range, below the mountain pastures and the 3 iconic peaks: the Trelod, Arcalod and the Pecloz.
This region of the “Hautes Bauges ” has remained authentic, sometimes forgotten but protected from tourism and industrial changes in Savoie. Residents and visitors alike enjoy the true alpine setting that Jarsy offers, and its hotel the Arcalod has been a meeting place at the centre of the village for tens of years.

In 2022, ARCALOD, after a few years of closure, is relaunched by a team of “Baujus” of Jarsy!
History and life resume in this emblematic place to which we are all attached:

Welcome to our home!

The Arcalod team

The team from left to right: Melissa who will welcome the guests of the hotel, while assisting her darling in the kitchen. Gaëtan, the chef who is behind the stove. Pablo, who serves you in the dining room. and Christophe


Pots and pans have been his passion since he was a child! At the hotel school in Grenoble, he did not imagine coming back one day to run the restaurant of his native village. Between bistronomic and gastronomic cuisine, from the Drôme to Corsica, he has acquired a love of good products. He was introduced to pastry by chef Frédéric Bau and then to chocolate work by Gaël Jacob at the Chocolate Factory of Lescheraines where he stayed for more than 2 years. Today he offers a menu of his favorite dishes where Mediterranean, Asian and of course local influences offer you unexpected flavors.


From her native Alsace to the Ardèche, she has built up a solid experience in the hotel and restaurant industry.  So it was in a restaurant that his path crossed that of Gaëtan. Since then they have shared their lives and embarked together on this Bauju project. For her part, she welcomes hotel guests with her big smile and ensures that everyone feels good at the Arcalod. But Melissa is also the little hands of the shadows who peel, prepare, asticate, essential for the service to be well assured.


He comes from Ardèche and decided to join his friends Gaëtan and Mélissa in the mountains, to share this new motivating project. Trained at the hotel school, he already has several years of profession behind him. Discreet but attentive to customers, he likes to please you by placing beautiful plates on your table. Pablo has a peculiarity in his service: whatever the number of people, you will never see him taking notes, he has an elephant memory!


His family, his history, his roots are in Jarsy, he spent his childhood climbing trees, building huts with his cousins and of course being in the mountains, climbing steep peaks and slopes (off trails) to observe chamois and mouflons. His professional life was in the Paris region but the Bauges have always remained his center of gravity, in 2021, he acquires the hotel-restaurant. “ARCALOD is part of the history of our commune, our elders, peasant-mountaineers, and its inhabitants today. I want to make the heart of our village beat again, by recreating this place of life and meeting”

For sustainable tourism

We are fortunate to live in a privileged environment that we want to preserve by committing to a sustainable tourism approach.

  • Our team is trained in sustainable development.
  • Food waste from the restaurant feeds neighbors’ chickens.
  • You will find on our table products from our local producers.
  • We strive to offer you our services at the fairest price for you and which allows us to make our team live decently.

You can also contribute

  • On the hike, bring back all your waste and sort it on the way back, garbage cans are available on the terrace.
  • Let’s prefer tap water in our beautiful decanters or water bottles to plastic bottled water.
  • Enjoy hiking routes from the hotel on foot without picking up your car.
  • Agriculture is one of the main resources of the Bauges, respect the meadows that feed our cows.
  • Alternative modes of transport to the private car are possible: regular bus lines to Les Bauges, Bauges Covoit